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Image by Gabriel Dizzi

Brazilian and American incorporation with the purpose to invest in new viable balanced technologies to protect and preserve the ocean.

Textile division

Image by PlanetCare

Matéria ®

The Ultimate large scale Process Production .

 Reinvents the physic of textile life cycle, preventing the massive   fiber release in the Ocean.

 Detergent and Filter Division

Image by Daniel Sinoca

Take action with us and be a part of the change.

produtos de beleza natural

Oceano Wash ®

The natural balanced laundry detergent.

MagFilter ®

No more micro plastin in water


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2020 sustainable fashion award winners


  Accelerated by 
Fashion District UK 2021

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  Accelerated by 
Shell start up engine 2021.


Accelerated by SBC Fashion Italy -  2022

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