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The solution to Circularity in Fashion!


84.000 garbage trucks filled with micro-fibers, in USA and Canada, are released into the oceans each year. This is equivalent of a line of trucks from Paris to Milan.  This is without counting the pieces of clothing that are discarded.

That's why our goals are:

  • Start a transformation process in the industry, preventing fibers from being released into the environment.

  • Replace synthetic material with 100% natural.

  • Put technology in natural products so that they become more durable and circular.

How do we do it?

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Clean Ocean Fiber is powered by FiberLink, an adaptive tech process built in any spinning mill for large-scale production on-demand.

FiberLink avoids a massive fiber release. Delivering a great comfort, long life and circular consumer wearing. A technological solution for any kind of textile product.


The Nuts and Rice are the quantities of microfibers released  per Kg.

It is a new process and a new technology that guarantees the greatest durability of the piece and the quality of the fabric, avoiding peeling and fiber shedding.


This technology is also capable of creating new materials. Enabling the industry to create, more easily, new fabrics that we have not even imagined.

Tested and validated by industries and consumers

"FiberLink is the future of yarn processing for faster prototype creations in Fashion."
Marcelo L. - C&A Brazil

"With my 30 years in the fashion industry, I have never come across a higher quality yarn. Will be the new European quality standards."
Ricardo F. - Impetus Portugal

We started operations with one of the biggest fashion brands in Italy. Want to know more?

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